Choosing the Perfect Style of Property

When you’re buying a home, you have lots of decisions to make. You’ll need to decide on a location for your property search and you must work out how much space you will need to accommodate your family. Of course, your new abode must fall within your budget too. Then there is style to consider. There are many different types of property on the market and it’s important that yours perfectly suits your needs and preferences.

This brief guide will talk you through some of the different styles of home available and it may help you to decide what sort of property you want.


Georgian properties have long proved popular among buyers and it’s not hard to see why. These buildings are characterised by symmetrical facades, large windows and high ceilings. They also have geometrically proportioned rooms and they often feature fanlights above front doors.

The Georgian period ran from 1660 to 1840 and during this time classicism was in the ascendency. The grand look of this style of building remains a hit among homebuyers to this day. Indeed, Georgian houses and flats are often considered to be among the most desirable homes around.

Victorian and Edwardian

The Victorian era saw a significant change in building design. Typically, properties from this period were smaller than their Georgian predecessors and they were often built on a rectangular grid with the front door set to one side. A notable feature of many of these homes is their bay windows. This style of glazing came into fashion in the 1860s. The residences also feature plenty of decorative detail, often the in form of patterned floor tiles.

In the later Victorian and Edwardian period, red bricks were increasingly used. Also, stained glass started to appear in front doors.


During the 1930s, the country witnessed an explosion in house building. The suburbs expanded rapidly and people moved in their droves to these out-of-town locations. Homes built between World War I and World War II were inspired by elements of the Arts and Crafts movement. In addition, they were created using mass production techniques to make them more affordable.

These properties often have bay windows, pitched roofs and tall chimneys. They also typically benefit from gardens at the front and back.


If period properties aren’t your thing, you can always opt for a new build home. Housing agents in Cirencester will be able to talk you through your options concerning these houses. Brand new real estate developments vary considerably in style. Often, they have lower ceilings and smaller windows than their older counterparts. They are also more energy efficient.

By making sure you know your options when it comes to property types, you can streamline your search for that perfect property. You will make it easier to identify a home that perfectly meets your style preferences as well as your practical needs. This means it’s well worth doing some research at the outset of your property search.