Giving Up Smoking and Start Saving Money

Products to Help You Kick the Habit and save your wallet

Many people have managed to stop smoking helped by the fact that lighting up is now banned on public transport and in all bars and restaurants. But for some people, giving up is very, very difficult. It is said that if you can get through the first three months you’re more likely to be able to give up for good.

There are many different aids on the market to help you give up the habit, have a look at some of them and see which ones may work best for you:

  • Patches – Patches contain nicotine and when you first give up you are recommended to use the highest level and slowly work towards the patch at the lowest level and then no patch at all.  Patches start with a high level of nicotine and they are replaced slowly, to a lower level, until you don’t need to wear the patch at all.
  • Chewing Gum –Like Patches, chewing gum contains different levels of nicotine, depending on the strength you want to use. It usually comes in either 4mg of nicotine or 2mg.The idea is that when you want to smoke you chew on the gum, which releases the nicotine. The idea is that you chew less gum, with a lower percentage of nicotine, as you become used to not smoking.
  • Electronic cigarettes with Vapour – These cigarettes contain a liquid, which you can have with nicotine added to it, or without nicotine, but flavoured with a range of flavours such as apple, mint, or banana. If you have nicotine the plan should be to decrease the amount of nicotine you use over time, until your electronic cigarettes are nicotine free. Electronic cigarettes are allowed in bars and restaurants and on public transport, This type of cigarette is a good solution for smokers who are used to having a cigarette  in their hand most of the time, like for example someone who is driving all day and uses cigarettes to keep themselves awake or relive boredom.
  • Hypnosis – Hypnosis has proved to be a powerful tool in the fight to give up smoking. Some Hypnotists recommend a series of sessions, whilst others offer just one session. The hypnosis plants the idea in your sub conscious that you don’t smoke and that you won’t feel cravings or an anxiety. Many people have said that this method really does work. And, the costs are relatively low, in comparison to patches or gum.

The reality is that nicotine is a serious addiction, people destroy their financial budgets and even seek out the services of payday loan providers (places like wonga for example) to help support their habit if they’re unable to afford their fix for that month., and quitting is undoubtedly one of the hardest challenges your mind and body will endure. So whether you elect to kick your cravings by using gum, patches, E- cigarettes, a hypnotist, the support of your family and friends (and more likely a mix of all of the above) I implore you to make a start today into becoming a healthier person, with more money!