Sneaky Tips To Save The Most Money When Planning On A Child 4

Planning for a baby is exciting. If you already have children, you know pregnancy and the baby’s first year go by fast. When your baby is born, you will be rushed with paperwork, newborn picture packages and cord banking information. When you plan ahead, you can afford to buy the cute things you see in the store. Here a few ways you can save money while you are getting ready for your baby.

Eliminate Unnecessary Spending

Cut the Cable TV

Do you really need cable TV? Most of the shows are reruns and paid programming, and you probably do not watch the hundreds of channels in your cable package. You will have to cut down on watching TV when your baby is born, so it is best to go back to basics before you start trying to get pregnant.

Save Your Change

Like most people, you probably accumulate a few dollars in spare change every week. Instead of spending your change on frivolous things, save it in an old container. You do not have to waste money on a fancy piggy bank, you can store your coins in an empty two liter soda bottle.

Cook At Home

Home cooked meals are healthier and less expensive. If you want your baby to develop healthy eating habits, you should start getting used to home cooked meals now. Buy a cook book, and cook your favorite restaurant meals at home.

Plan for the Future

While it is every parent’s nightmare to have something happen to their child, it is important to prepare yourself for that type of situation. Contact your insurance to find out how much of a NICU stay they cover. Set some money aside, just in case. You may also look into a cord banking service like FamilyCord to help out with any future situations. While this is a depressing and sad topic to think about, you want to make sure you are prepared, just in case.


Get Baby Gear for Less

Resale Shops

When you get your spending under control, you can start buying baby gear. Search garage sales and online resale shops for baby furniture and clothes. If need be, you can buy everything secondhand. You should make sure you save enough money to get a new car seat and crib. Buying these items used could be compromising your child’s safety.

Baby Shower

Throw a baby shower. You might not get all the items on your list, but you will get enough diapers and clothes to last a few months. Ask your guests to save their receipts. If you get too much of an item, return it and exchange it for an item you really need.

Sign up for coupons

Sign up for online coupon sites. Most diaper and formula companies have coupons on their websites. Several websites also sell baby products at discount prices. You can join an online parenting group to get information on discount baby sites.


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