Building a brand for a small business – taking the right steps 5

The brand is a concept which defines all the thoughts, images, impressions and, generally, everything people see and hear about your certain product or your company, as a whole. It is something that is formed in the mind of the customer, which is why you need to influence how they perceive the image of your company or the product.

The first thing that you have to understand is that you do not have to have a ‘power brand’ in order to be able to build a strong and recognizable image. For example, Nike is a power brand, but you do not have to strive to be so globally recognized. Your small business’ brand can be powerful on the local level and have as much influence for your customers as other ‘power’ brands. Here are few steps that you need to take so that you could build a formidable brand presence on the market.

Define the reason why you are in the business

Your brand is your promise to the customers – your promise of how your company is different from all the competitive companies, why it is good and, basically, who you are. This is why you need to define the reason why you are in the business. Defining this will, technically, define your brand. You can do this by answering the questions above and putting it down to paper.

Define what you want people to think about your brand

The most important thing that will be tied to your brand is the opinion of people and their feelings towards it. So, before you start one, you have to make sure that you define what you want people to think when your brand comes to their minds. Do you want it to be shocking? Or perhaps a pleasant memory that reminds them of great service? It is up to you – you just have to define that image, because, later on, you will have to work on building that image in your customers’ minds.

Make sure it is simple

The most powerful brands in the world are completely simple (I will, once again, take Nike as an example). Their logos are usually consisted of a few lines or something so simple that it will be easy to remember. Also, the best brand names are usually short and easy to pronounce and spell. Making it simple and memorable will ensure that people will not have a hard time finding your brand on the web (which is a really important thing) and it will also be easy for them to recommend it to their friends.

Find a good URL

While we are on the subject of keeping it simple and being easy to find on the web, a good URL is what will set you apart from all the rest. A good, simple and, most of all, memorable URL will make sure that people will come directly to your webpage, instead of searching it through Google. Think of the URL as your phone number. It is always much easier to remember a simple phone number (like 02-5555-6666) than a complicated one (like 02-6463-3567). The same is with the URLs; it is easier to remember ‘’ than ‘’.

Promote your brand at every opportunity

Promoting is important for two reasons: firstly, you have to introduce the brand to the people and, secondly, you have to keep reminding them of it. Both of these are done through promotion. Once you start a brand, you can use various promotional products that you will give out to people for free, which will notify them of your brand’s existence. Also, promotional material such as pens will be used often, and with each use, the potential customer will be reminded of your brand. After a while, the image will stick in their minds and your promotion will have been successful.

Protect it

You definitely do not want to go through all the hard work and thorough thinking required for creating a brand, only  to have it snatched away by someone else, am I right? Then, you have to make sure that the brand is protected. You can trademark it with your country’s Patent and Trademark office, and make sure that you protect everything connected to the brand. So, protect the name, the logo, the tagline and everything else that might have some relation to the brand. This way, you will be able to stop any misuse that might occur.

Creating a brand is hard work. It requires a lot of thinking and a lot of marketing effort to keep it alive. However, benefits of a strong presence on the brand market are numerous and invaluable to any company. Follow these steps and you will be able to create one that will be on par with some of the more powerful ones.


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