DatabaseUSA Provides Accurate Marketing Solutions For Businesses

Email marketing is very effective for large and small businesses alike. When you choose email marketing, you are essentially using emails to promote your business’ products and services. It is a very personal way to develop customer relationships. It is also an ideal way to keep customers informed with tailored marketing messages.® offers a full spectrum of detailed information and email marketing solutions for its 245 million customers.® triple verifies all of its data via websites, the yellow pages, and telephone verification. This is the most accurate way to provide the most up-to-date information.® was founded by Vin Gupta in 2010, but he has been in the information business for over 40 years. His previous business ventures allowed him to develop a world-renowned database and build a team with over 300 years of combined database industry experience. Gupta understood the importance of providing accurate information in the marketing realm. Because data sources were so small and didn’t meet his business needs, Gupta started in the data industry with just $100 dollars he had borrowed. Starting out as Business Research Services, Gupta used the yellow pages information to compile mailing lists and sales leads for mobile home dealers. Gupta and his associates have spent years compiling and cataloging all of the U.S. yellow page data, with an emphasis on small business customers.

It has always been Gupta’s goal to help other businesses reach their potential. Many businesses have relied on’s fresh leads and marketing solutions to move to the next level.® offers the following email and marketing solutions:

  • mailing lists: always fresh and accurate, with thousands of selections and demographic information
  • business lists: triple-verified and targeted for specific industries, features tailored database to fit all marketing needs
  • nonprofit and government: services for political and government agencies like the State Department, FBI, CIA, U.S. Marshals Service, Drug Enforcement Administration, and more
  • sales lead contact: a marketplace with thousands of lists and millions of names of prospects ready to buy
  • databases: a 95% accurate database with 15 million businesses and 245 million customers
  • email marketing: the fastest-growing direct marketing medium and the most accurate means of tracking sales and contacting customers
  • data analytics and enhancement: the best way to find customers who fit an existing profile, helps businesses expand markets and learn more about demographics and firmographics
  • database licensing: helps resellers and businesses who use data integration build services in a variety of markets, such as skip tracing companies and geographic information systems and can provide a DataConnect API solution for companies who don’t want to house their own data.
  • large corporation solutions: help fire up your marketing and campaign needs with ultimate database solutions

With 40+ years of experience in the field, Gupta is considered the guru of business database compilation.® boasts a verified database that includes millions of titled business executives, businesses, consumers, and homeowners. There are also 40,000 new business owners and 60,000 new homeowners added to the database every week.