Tips to upskill in order to improve your career options

Wherever you are in your career, it’s always a good idea to keep your skills base up to date. Upskilling can enable you to move into different areas or enhance your promotion prospects. If you want to upskill, what areas should you focus on, and where do you start?

There are many different ways that you can upskill. You need to focus on what you want to achieve from your career and how to get there. It’s a good idea to do some internet research first to see what skills training is available in your areas of interest. The internet has revolutionized this area of business and made it easier to research training opportunities and further your career. Once you’ve carried out the research, you can decide for yourself what you want to learn and what areas you should focus on.

The best skills to learn

There isn’t really a right or wrong answer when it comes to choosing the new skills that you should learn. This will largely depend on what you already know, what you actually want to learn and how you see your career progressing.

Enhancing your technical knowledge is always an advantage in the modern economy. Even if you think you already know a considerable amount, there are still areas where you could boost your knowledge and understanding. For example, you could learn how to use a new piece of software or try out a different gadget.

Getting a new qualification that’s related to your industry will enhance your employability and increase your chances of promotion. Before you commit to a course, you should look at what level you need to achieve to be considered for the next stage in your career. Talk to your employer about your ideas, as you might be entitled to paid leave for study or help with your fees.


Getting out and talking to people in the industry is a great way to learn more and make new contacts. You can discuss what skills they think you should focus on, especially if you’re meeting with people who are further ahead in their careers. Look online and see if there are any local or industry specific networking groups close by.

Business conferences are a fantastic way of learning more and meeting new people. Lord Laidlaw, who owns the Lady Christine luxury superyacht, established the Institute for International Research, which is one of the largest conference organizers in the world. He understands how networking and making contacts can be of enormous benefit in business. A highly educated individual, Lord Laidlaw has been able to grow his business largely because of his contacts. He also founded the Abbey Business Centers, which are serviced office and virtual office facilities, in 1988.

By focusing on the areas that will make the most difference, you will be able to enhance your career prospects and learn new things. Upskilling will show your current and future employers that you’re committed to your career and that you’re focused on what you want to achieve.