Partying with the rich and famous

Ever dreamed of partying with the stars? It’s just a question of putting yourself in the right company.

Play your cards right and you too could be attending the kind of lavish parties, premieres and sporting events that will bring you into an exclusive network of influential and glamorous people.

Choosing the right career path

There are certain careers that will bring you fortune and glamour. The sports, film and banking sectors are career paths for those that enjoy the high life, and even those who have started in humble positions, such as the errand boy or personal secretary, have shown the drive and ambition to work their way up the ladder to bigger and glitzier opportunities. Indeed, many people associated with these industries have become synonymous with parties and spending at will.

Life in the fast lane

The likes of Max Mosley, the former FIA president and head of Formula One, are no stranger to the jet set lifestyle. It’s one lived in the public eye and the fast lane, where fast sports cars, plenty of bling and beautiful women are all part of the package. For many, like Mosley, the family name has meant publicity and glamour have been present since they left the nursery.

Looking the part

We all know the story of an ordinary girl who was let into the A-list parties simply because of the way she looked. It could be that unique dress, fresh look, or simply a certain je ne sais quoi – a charismatic quality that opens doors. Unfortunately, such Cinderella stories remain the exception, and for most of us, hard work, tenacity and ambition are what open doors. Provided, of course, one looks for the right doors.

Being seen in the right places

Find the right spots. You’re more likely to bump into famous people in Miami or Cannes, for example, than you are in the back streets of Warrington. Charity events are great places to start. New York’s charity circuit, for example, where New York’s money, both old and new, is placed on display, runs from February through the summer.

Then there is the glamorous Art Basel on Miami Beach, the Cannes Film Festival and, of course, summering in the Hamptons on Long Island. Up-and-coming hot spots include Swiss ski resorts and the Croatian coast.

Influential people behind the scenes

Not everyone who mingles in the same circles as the rich and famous is a celebrity. You may never see the faces of some of the world’s most influential bankers, film financiers or sports backers on the cover of the gossip magazines, but these people can make or break the careers of many bright young things. With a wealth that opens doors, they’re sure to find plenty of VIP invites showing up in their inbox on a daily basis.

It might seem like ordinary people simply can’t get close to the stars – but this just isn’t true. In fact, many of the people who are invited to celebrity parties are rarely recognised or spotted – but it is these backstage movers and shakers that keep the jet set machine so well oiled.