Extra Cash: Five Ways to Get Paid Without Leaving Home 7

In today’s economy, many people find they could use a little extra cash. Whether you need more money to meet your basic expenses, or you’d just like some additional spending money, there are many ways to accomplish this without getting another job. Here are some ideas to help you start thinking creatively.


Dividing Junk

Sell unwanted household items. Look around your house and garage where there are surely some items you don’t need such as patio furniture, exercise equipment, extra dishes. Have a garage sale. When you’re done with your own items, find free items on the internet that you can sell.



Clean your closets and sort through all your clothes. You can sell the especially good clothing items on e-bay, or take them to a good consignment store. Make sure you keep only the essentials you can use on a daily basis.



Websites like powells.com make it easy to sell your books. Enter the ISBN numbers on the site and you’ll get an instant quote on what they’ll pay for the book, and they even pay the postage.


Buy and Sell Scrap Metal

This is an excellent ongoing source of cash. Do some research and contact several businesses in your area that buy scrap metal and then start locating some sources. Things like copper, aluminum, and ferrous metal are sold by weight. An auto repair shop, or scrap metal recycling plant in Calgary are both examples of places that will have a regular supply of metal. You’ll also find metal for free on internet sites such as freecycle.org. Sell them to Federal Metals Inc and get a hefty price for metal you already have.



If you’re handy in the kitchen, find someone who’d love to have home cooked meals without all the fuss. Double or triple the recipes you’re already making, and establish a set price for meals. Be the home baker for a working mom who would like to bring cupcakes to school, but has no time to bake.


Tutoring or Lessons

Are you good at math, or do you speak a foreign language? Offer your services for an hourly fee. Becoming the local piano teach can be a great way to get to know the neighborhood as well as make some easy money.


Fresh Produce

If you have a green thumb, work it! Plant much more than your family needs, and sell the extra fresh fruits and vegetables, herbs, and berries to a local restaurant or at a farmer’s market. These days everyone is looking for fresh produce these days and if you already have the means, go for it.


When you put your thinking cap on, you’ll be surprised at how many options you have for bringing in some extra cash. While some of these ideas will bring you a short-term cash influx, others represent the very appealing potential of ongoing income. Good luck in your endeavors!


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