How First-Time Drivers Can Save Money

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Driving isn’t cheap at the best of times. Even less so if you’re a young, first-time driver. As a young person, there aren’t many more expensive things you’ll have to confront than running a car. First you have all those driving lessons and once you’ve passed you have a car to buy. Then there’s insurance and car tax to cover and the potential for repairs and breakdowns lurking in the rear view mirror.

Unfortunately, this isn’t going to change anytime soon. Young drivers face huge insurance premiums for good reason. Young people tend to get involved in more accidents than experienced drivers; that’s just the way it is. This is why it’s vital to prove yourself as a safe and competent driver as soon as possible. This quick guide will give you some pointers on how to save money as a first-time driver.

Find the Best Offers on Your Lessons

Driving lessons are incredibly expensive. This is understandable though as teachers work pretty hard, and they have a lot of covers to cost at their end. But what can you do to save money? Well, first of all don’t be tempted to simply take the very cheapest offer you can find. You have to weigh up the talent of the teacher and the competence of the company with the fee they charge to you, the learner.

A lot of good companies offer you discounts if you pay for a certain number of lessons in advance. This is a great idea for you and can save you quite a bit of cash.

Buy Second-Hand

Once your test is passed, the burden of buying a car hits you. There’s no point spending all that money on getting a license if you don’t have a car, but be careful which you get. It doesn’t make much sense for a young driver to buy a new car; this would be a waste of money. Get a bit more experience before you do that.

So, a second-hand car is what you need. But looking for a good second-hand car is fraught with possible pitfalls. If you don’t know much about cars, take along someone who does when you’re browsing. Don’t buy an old banger that will break down within a week of purchase!

Get Cheaper Insurance

Insurance is the bane of the car driver’s life. It’s especially problematic for young, inexperienced drivers. It’s best to use a company like They tailor its insurance policies to the specific needs of new drivers. These kinds of policies will give you exactly what you need and save you a bit of cash.

Other Quick Tips

  • Don’t weigh down your vehicle – if your car is heavy it will burn more fuel
  • Take an advanced driving test to lower your insurance costs
  • Use reward points when buying fuel
  • Buy an efficient car if possible
  • Shop around when looking for an MOT
  • Make your vehicle as safe and secure as possible
  • Report any changes to your situation immediately to reduce insurance costs
  • Keep your driving license clean
  • Don’t use your car for small journeys, walk instead