My Credit Card is Maxed out, What do I do?

A maxed out credit card is everyone’s worst financial scenario come true, especially when talking about financial scenario in which no actual loss of money is involved. All that is involved is a lot of debt, and your obligation to pay it. However, credit card debt is not just another debt. A credit card is an immensely useful tool in this age, and a maxed out credit card is all but useless. In such a scenario, you are left without the use of a credit card. If you have other credit cards, you may be able to use them, but that is not such a good idea. First, let us find out the initial steps you should take when you have maxed out a credit card.

Pay your Bills on time

Once you have maxed out your credit card, you are expected to pay back your debt before you can use that card. Most companies want you to pay a minimum amount of balance every month, just to make sure that you know your commitment to the debt. This is called the minimum payment. The minimum payment is normally too low to actually reduce your debt by much, but it can save you from paying higher interest rates on the debt owed to the credit card company.

Apart from the minimum payment, you will also need to start making actual payments to pay back the debt. You must not delay paying the minimum payments, even if you can’t make any extra payments. Delays in paying the minimum amount can set off a chain reaction, in which your interest rate is increased, which will make it even harder to pay back the debt.

Do not Fall into a Debt Trap

When you owe a lot of debt, it is easy to fall into debt traps of all kind. One of the most common ways to fall into a debt trap is by taking a loan to pay for another loan. A lot of people borrow money using payday loan schemes, which have very high interest rates. Payday loan services promote themselves by claiming that you can get an instant personal loan; what they forget to tell is how much higher their interest rates are compared to other kinds of debt. With payday loans, a £100 loan can balloon into a £1,000 loan in just a year. These kinds of interest rates are a sure fire way to increase your debt troubles. Therefore, you should avoid payday loans and other high interest rate loans when you want to reduce your debt.

Improve your Spending Habits

Unless there is a very good reason for finding yourself in this situation, it is likely that your credit card was maxed out because of excessive spending of one kind or another. You should, therefore, take this as an opportunity to change your spending habits for the better. Start keeping a budget, and find out where do you spend your money. Then, cut back on objects and services that are not essential for you.

Overall, you should take your maxed out credit card as an opportunity to learn some lessons in better personal financial management. A maxed out credit card is far from the most severe case of financial mismanagement that one can face, but the lessons learned from it can definitely save you from further pain.

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