Which Personal Finance Career is Right for You?

Whether you’ve always wanted to work in personal finance or have stumbled upon this career pathway by happy accident, the chances are you still have some research to do. Sure, a career in personal finance is likely to challenge and reward you, but do you know where your skills and passion lie? There are plenty of job opportunities to be found across the personal finance sector, depending upon your interests and expertise. These include, but are not limited to:

Financial adviser

The role of a financial adviser is self-explanatory. You will work with clients to assess their financial needs and responsibilities, before helping them to plan a budget, maintain short and long-term goals, and provide tax, investment or insurance advice. Your client may wish to discuss savings, retirement or buying property. Financial advisers can specialise in one particular field, or offer more generalised advice, but your career will be dedicated to helping others manage their money. These days such advice is critical – and highly appreciated.


Accountants are required to have excellent organisational skills, fantastic focus and a head for figures. As an accountant, you’ll be tasked with preparing and examining financial records, as well as helping clients to keep on top of their taxes and insurance contributions. You’ll ensure that statements, invoices and receipts are kept in order, and that the right bills and payments are being settled. Accountants are also tasked with analysing financial reports, and offering advice with regards to legalities and liabilities. In short, the role of an accountant is an important one in the world of personal finance.

Mortgage adviser

If you want to get ahead in the world of mortgage brokerage, you’ll need to study the housing market closely, and understand every nuance, rise and fall. Your clients will come to you for advice before and during the mortgage application process, and it’s up to you to find and offer them the best products for their budget, repayment strategy and earnings. The role of a mortgage adviser is an essential one; for as long as people are buying property they’re likely to need the expert knowledge of someone like you – hold your head high as you guide first-time buyers, families and business managers through the important steps of buying property.

Insurance broker

We all need insurance. Whether we’re insuring property, personal items, our vehicles or our health, insurance comes at a price. As an insurance broker, it would be your job to guide your clients through the minefield that is insurance, suggesting the best packages, interest rates and advice that you can muster. Brokers may sometimes act as an agent between the client and insurer, and will negotiate and sell policies that match their clients’ needs and desires. You will need to be familiar with insurance lingo, and be comfortable working on commission.

Achieving a career in personal finance

Most careers in personal finance will require a passion for facts and figures, and any number of qualifications in your chosen role – as well as experience of some kind. A degree in business, economics, statistics or finance from the London School of Business and Finance is a great place to start, while internships, an eagerness to learn more, work experience and plenty of research are going to be vital if you’re to make it in the world of investment, accounting or brokerage. The LSBF offers internationally renowned qualifications and opportunities for continued personal development, which could translate into any number of careers around the world. It is possible to achieve a career in personal finance without a degree or further qualification, but your role deserves all of the dedication you’re able to muster.

A career in personal finance is likely to be fast-paced and rewarding. As long as individuals and families are earning, saving and spending money, they’re likely to need the expertise of someone like you when it comes to making those pennies and pounds go further. You might not know what your niche or forte is yet, but hopefully, this blog has given you food for thought. Whatever happens, your dream career in personal finance might take hard work and determination, but it will certainly be worth it.