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We all know that a business’s bottom line is to make a profit so any reasonable steps to take to increase that companies earnings are usually well appreciated. Here are some points to keep in mind when trying to save money with your business.

Buy your Checks Online.

Bank Checks can be very expensive. You can purchase checks with the same security features online that will still work with your bank for a fraction of the cost. Be sure to look into this if you are writing several checks or very little checks, a savings is a savings.

Change your phone services to a VOIP. These have gotten much better over the years and are a fraction of the cost of a regular phone line.  There are several services out there you can choose from. There are even some services for mobile phones that are cheaper than regular plans. See more on VOIP here.

Website hosting is something that used to have much higher prices that it now does. Many companies still charge significantly  higher rates than others but offer little if anything more. Check out what you are paying and consider some other options where you could save money.

Be sure to buy discounted ink cartridges and return them once you are done. This not only is good for the environment, but many sites will actually pay you a small fee to return them. Use this to go towards more discount ink cartridges or for other office supplies. Also consider what prices you can get for the same ink online. There are some online retailers that deal in so much bulk that they can really offer cheaper pricing.

Look for deals using sites such as Groupon, Amazon Local, SweetJack, Living Social, Dealfind and others. You may find discounts on products for your office or lunch deals at a restaurant close by.

Purchase cheaper bulk paper for your printer, most often things printed out do not need to be on premium class paper, a cheap product will do just fine.

Make a deal with your Internet Service Provider, often companies will offer a great discount on introductory offers, but a little dealing with them and you may get it for a longer period.

Essentially you need to determine what your business is about and see if you can get items at discounts or use 2nd hand items etc. Some businesses for example can save money in other ways other businesses cannot due to the nature of their operations. But don’t be afraid to ask yourself and your employees to brainstorm on ways to reduce the expenses without compromising the company or its employees at the same time.


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