How to Get a Discount on Apartment Rent?

Receiving a discount on apartment rent is not a surprising act. Nowadays, the rent prices are rising all over the world which is why a person needs to be cautious enough to secure cheaper rent. Negotiating a lower rent rate is an art in which everyone cannot prosper, but receiving a discount is possible for every individual.

You can find apartments that consist of unbelievable discounts at Being good at words and continuing conversations with the owner is the fundamental secret that everyone can apply to win the hearts of the landlords. Convince him in lowering the cost of the apartment by securing profitable discounts. There are also many other techniques which you can follow in order to achieve beneficial discounts that are given below.

Proper timing is what you should seek

Go for apartment hunting during the offseason because those periods are crucial in receiving a bunch of discounts on different apartments. This is because when inclement weather is at its highest, a minimum number of people go around looking for apartments for rent. That is why the landlords tend to reduce the apartment rent by implementing different discounts.

Perform to be the best candidate

Your appealing appearance and personality will force the landlords to hold you in their apartment because nowadays, it is very difficult to find suitable renters. That is why during the entire process, how you deal and present yourself in front of the landlord is a very essential trait in order to receive the highest benefits from the owner. They should feel confident and acid to allow you to stay in the apartment. You want your landlord to feel good about you as a renter because they should believe that you will keep their apartment in good condition and will pay the monthly expenses regularly.

Propose Incentives

Proposing incentives to sweeten the deal when asking for a lower rent is the strongest weapon anyone can use. You can try signing up a longer lease for more than a year assuring the landlord that if the rent is lowered, you will have a longer period before starting the whole procedure again.

You can also offer to accept the responsibility of executing small repairing operations inside the apartment to relieve your landlord. Issues like a broken thermostat, leaky sink, disturbing geyser, and many more. Also, you can prefer paying a little higher security deposit to show that you are more committed to staying in the apartment for the entire period of the lease. That is why offer for more than two months’ deposit and persuade the landlord to have complete faith in you.

Do correct research

Compare the properties of the area or building that you desire to shift and compare the rent with other regions. If it is higher than average, then you can execute proper negotiation with examples. It provides an upper hand in winning against the landlord.


Finding apartments in the area where you desire to ship along with discounts is not an impossible task. There are immense apartments available and that is why follow the proper guidelines and experience a better future.